short story

The Unfaithful Spouse- Part 4 [Illegal Suspense]

  Curiosity had the  better part of me because I became restless in the kitchen. Faïda saw it but played


The Blast ! [Part 2]

Then he continued. “And you that pastor! He saw you stranded and lifted you to your destination, 4am. Did you


The Blast! [Part 1]

Eleven hundred days after the Atomic Junction blast in Accra. Life had returned to normal. The owner of the fuel


The Unfaithful Spouse- Part 3 [The Precursor]

Aunt Faïda never would disappoint us; she came on that Wednesday as promised. She was particularly happy because I gave


The Unfaithful Spouse (Part 2) [The Rejuvenation]

I was rushed to hospital by my loving husband. It so happened because my sickness had worsened, and he was


The Unfaithful Spouse-Part 1 [ Saved by the Bell]

    In a hurry, Evans left behind the parcel labelled “To Kojo, my chocolate cream hero on his birthday.”


“To be continued…”

Sanny, by virtue of his CV, was the pre-interview favourite. He had trained in the UK, built a rich CV



Flight number GH 8986 was fast approaching its destination: KIA. The last announcements and instructions before touchdown reached him via