Intro iNTRO: Took her from a place I ain’t know She belongs with me, ain’t really have a place to


  When echoes from the clock’s tock hastened slowly Without a corresponding tick in the chambers of memory, Leaving only


Then he continued. “And you that pastor! He saw you stranded and lifted you to your destination, 4am. Did you


Eleven hundred days after the Atomic Junction blast in Accra. Life had returned to normal. The owner of the fuel


Aunt Faïda never would disappoint us; she came on that Wednesday as promised. She was particularly happy because I gave

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I was rushed to hospital by my loving husband. It so happened because my sickness had worsened, and he was

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    In a hurry, Evans left behind the parcel labelled “To Kojo, my chocolate cream hero on his birthday.”


Sanny, by virtue of his CV, was the pre-interview favourite. He had trained in the UK, built a rich CV