Wey Mensah dey prepare de soup noh

De pepper wey pass wanna nose self,

Like dat one kraa for warn us

But we naa, we be headtrong- we no biz.

Kofi sneeze; I cough

Mensah himself cough den sneeze!

Eno cher bia wey Mansah come.

Na she talk say ebe nice aroma wey dey de house

Wey she go take over- abi she be Mensah ein gerl dat.

Tilapia light soup.

I just make lucky say I carry my helf insurance card, valid.



As she prepare de food finish,

Boy-boys make Alomo den tins

Wey we dey come chop.

Kofi see de soup norrh

Wey he talk say “blood tonic”.

De gerlie bore.



As I taste am I feel songtin:

World first laxative wif salt den pepper.

Dat be what come my head, but I no talk;

Edey job like magic.



But boys-boys, curtesy Alomo,

Chop everyting for de pot inside.

De girlie too make ein body fine,

So she sawk de soup all.

We finish perh, I go buy t-roll

I put am for ma car wey I lef.

My belly inside start boil den ron

But e no catch finish line, my luck!

Den e dey boil-boil for traffic inside.



Wey I reverse de car go catch   Mensah dema house-aa,

Kofi dey die; I join am:

We dey shank den dey come die.

Mensah plus Mensah  dey laf we: dem no dey feel notin.

Mansah  drive ma car carry we go clinic:

Two days.

Kofi no carry ein helf insurance card

Wey ein body dey come barb am; e lef small perh. . .




Ebe Mensah wey know de secret-oo

Everybro wey sork Mansah soup for de first time biaaa

Your stomach mon ron;

Mensah dier, he be graduate for Mansah soups inside.





Today be two years wey we lef de clinic

Mansah come turn Mensah ein wife

I come visit dem for house

Mansah  san go dey kitchen

She dey make fresh tilapia soup

Groundnut fresh tilapia soup, made by Mansah.




She dish de soup come

As I pop de bowl inside

De soup settle for layers inside

Ano talk nortin but Mensah spy my face dada

“Eno go do we nortin  cos dis no be first time”.

I know say Mensah fit convince me make I   chop;

I sabi am put down.

E be der norrrhh wey my phone bell:

Ebe Kofi…….

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