Hana de Great



Hana be horse, beautiful horse, now a mare

Ebe Sika wey dem dey bell am

Dat be de time wey she be baby horse, foal.

Dat time, hin master, de white man perh,

Wey fit dey ride am.



Now, she grow; she claim hin body

She get hin own stable

Ebe dat day wey dey name am

Hana de Great, some too fit bell am Great Hana,

But de name wey she dey check paaa be


Ebe malapropism

Wey e sarng be personification give de metaphor

You mon sabi

Say  Hana-G be morda for many.



Hmmm, dem no dey talk-ooo,

Dem say dem no dey talk,

But me dier, e be ma pidgin wey adey speak

Ano dey search trouble, but ano dey dodge truf too.

Hana-G be beautiful horse, kaama!

De star for hin peers

She be de standard give him siblings before-before

Amean say from de very beginning.



But you see, no be say adey fraid talk-oo

Hmmm, make I whisper am give you alone.

More riders wey dey ride Hana-G noh,

Dem be monkeys, abi you know dat film

But dis one no be film!

Forest monkeys, savannah monkeys:

One perh no correct for dema inside.

Why Hana-G go dey huorng for dis time?

Wey she dey owe too-oo.




Wene horse get tins pas wana Hana-G?

De stable inside she dey sarf,

Check de sides den de ground say you no go spy gold,

Bauxite, diamond den tins?

Wey de sunshine too-erh?

De stable dey near sea den lakes den rivers

But Hana-G pikings, horse pikings dey terst.




Check Hana-G hin children dema inside

One sarf chop world horses dema Clap-P before

One sarf fit calculate how horses go fit jump

Go de air inside wey dem go land correct-correct.

E get de formula.

Pshhhhhh. No put me for trouble-oo.

As for Sports?

Make you no talk.

Ano dey  yorb you people-ooo.



But Hana-G now dey look dirty, haggard den cadaverous kraa

Hana-G grow wey  she mon dey rest now

She be 60-plus.

But de riders wey dey ride am noh,….

You want make a talk again?

Some dema behaviour pass monkey

Wey dey trow-trow money.



Oh! Mother Hana-G Horse

God has indeed blessed you

Blessed are you among horses.

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Describing a man like this cannot be an easy task. A man of many parts and sides. A single statement of his sends confusion all over the place: some laugh it off; others weep. Highly unpredictable… consistently inconsistent. Strict but funny. You cannot fully know him because he does not know himself enough either. Settled? When you first meet him, he’s banal; then you get to know him a bit, then you like him. Get to know him some more and you don’t like him much anymore. Write him off…. A mistake. He likes to be undermined at first contact. WARNING! You’re in the territory of a man with uncommon experiences so don’t be unexpectant of the expected unexpected. What do I mean? DJ Merque’s hobbies are reading, teaching and video-making. Writing is his part-time job wae. Kweku Tuadzra started writing in 1996 and now has collections of plays, films, poems and stories. A product of Dzolo Secondary School. He read English, French and Theatre Arts for a first degree, graduating in 2000, having combined Theatre Arts and English. Subsequently, he read English for an MPhil degree in Legon, specializing in the Syntax of International Auxiliary Languages. Grandpa, an expert on Ghanaian Pidgin English, has lived in almost all regions of Ghana ever. Willy Tuadzra is the CEO of Grandpa & Sons Primal Communications Consult. He was born in the 1970s.

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