Kersten come succeed Kwame wey she happy waa. But dat ting happen dem times wey dema poppy travel go peace-keeping.


Kersten no sheda be bad girl. She be fine girl; ein body fine. Ebe ein top she dey ron guys


When the maroon and the marquis in Toronto meet, Who shoves who? Whether it is meet for him to spit


Verbal etalage of secret views variant Did tarnish your image at the quarreling theatre When you threw decency and caution


The metal door clanged shut with a thud. The atmosphere was the natural one. Torrential tears flooded eyes. The driver


A touch A bite A whip A cut A blow An insult A hurt An insinuation. Sorry. Okay.   A


Sangbuis! Suaen! Zuan! Luuubu! I serve you like my head no dey So you pay me like money no dey


i Like seriously? Why you mon bore? Dat one krãa go make dem do am de more Wey your feelings